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PhD. César Martínez Silva

(Mexico, D.F. 1962)                                                                                    Curriculum Vitae full [PDF]


Undisciplinary artist, his work has moved through diverse conceptual contributions and technical media, including gunpowder and dynamite employed with an artistic intent, “deconstructing the destructive,” creating with elements that destroy, as well as the use of electronic and digital media in different supports, on the screen as well as in interactive performances. The creation of edible and digestible human sculptures has given him the chance to taste his own work with public in many countries. This has also informed his meta-point of view on the Tratados de Libre Comerse (Free-Trade Agreatings) such as the North America Cholesterol Free Trade Agreement or the North America FAT-Free Trade Agreement.

His work has been shown in countries such as the U.S.A., Colombia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, People’s Republic of China, and recently in the 2nd Thessaloniki Art Biennial in Greece, where his work made the front-page of a local newspaper for the fourth time. • His show El imperdurable mente presente that consists on various sculptures of inflatable and deflatable human beings has been shown in nine European cities, and it will also be shown in Brazil’s capital, Brasilia, during this November.

During 2002 he carried out the project Piedad entubada, ecología visual amplificada, (Piedad Intubed: Amplified Visual Ecology) which consisted in painting graphic motifs representing water on what used to be a river and now is a freeway known as the Viaducto Río Piedad (Piedad River Viaduct). This freeway is eight kilometers (about five miles) long and marks a geopolitical axis in Mexico City. For this project, the freeway was closed during nights. This had only been done before for Mexican presidents and for Pope John Paul II.

Martínez has done over 200 performances in International venues, and has also participated in many conferences and round tables. His work is in important art collections such as the Carsten Norman in Germany, Fundació Sorigué in Spain, Colezzione “La Gaia” and Associazione Prometeo in Italy, MUCA UNAM, and various private collections in the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates, among others.

He has earned many national prizes and honorable mentions, including the National Young Artists Prize in 1991. Martinez has also been awarded many foreign production fellowships and artistic residences. Among them, he was a resident in the Banff Centre for the Arts, in Canada, and more recently he won a scholarship for graduate studies granted by the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, where he earned recognition for his teaching activities two consecutive years. Since 2002 he is part of the Mexican National Creator’s System.

He has the PhD in Fine Arts, by Castilla La Mancha University, campus Cuenca, Spain. His thesis: Body, Politcs and Subjetivity. Performance and Antagonistic Practices” got Summa Cum Laude recognition.

Special projects