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PerforMANcedinners & Edible Sculpture

Tezcatlipoca 007

In a mixed format of conference and performance, the “unconventional” artist César Martínez, exposed the Mesoamerican origins of legendary secret agent, James Bond 007, revealing that the agent’s roots are prehispanic.

César Martínez, through verified historical facts, lifting the colonialist attitude, unveiled the mysteries of the mirror of Tezcatlipoca and its current manifestation in the iPad and the iPhone.

With the feel of a ritual, the artist prepared an “ARTEntado” (art attack) with edible sculptures; symbolic tasting using the forms of first world weapons juxtaposed against Mesoamerican flavors and sacramental wine.

November 25, 2016
Casa del Tiempo, UAM
Mexico City

Technical assistance: Xanath Ramo
Edible sculptures by César Martínez
iTezcatlipoca mask and techno plume support: Amsel Projects
Bond girls: Luciana Castellani, Alicia Escamilla
Logistical support: Leticia Llamas
Photos: Alfredo Durante