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Performance / Artivism

VACAciones or COWorld

International Art Action Festival. Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil. Curatoed by Elvira Santamaría, 2008.

Lo CURA Hidalgo

Hidalgo the curate becomes Hidalgo the madman. Presented as part of the urban event "La ira y el deseo" (Ire and Desire), 2010

Actions along Reforma Avenue

Record of two Artivism actions staged at civil marches organized to protest against electoral fraud.

Chile Hemisférico

Street action, part of the X Encuentro Hemisférico in Santiago de Chile, July 19-22, 2016.

Empty V

Installation, Performance and Workshop. Centro Cultural de España, Mexico City,, 2006.

Two Mexican flags

Brief chronicle of a non-announced performance: February 24th, Mexican Flag’s Day (the mexican washerwoman), 2005.

Acteal Reality

Performance install-action: "Acteal Reality or historical truths are social injustices now". Ex Teresa Arte Actual, 1998.

Inflaction or Increased Disorder

Political Entropy of the End of the Millennium. 3rd International Performance Festival, Ex Teresa Arte Actual, October 1994.